Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Epicentre of the circle of Life..

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.The planets revolve around the sun, the moons around the planets, the electrons around the nucleus. Everything, big or small, seem to revolve around something or the other. Our life too is subjected to something similar. An uncomplicated example would be to say that our days continue to revolve around the day’s happening
There is something I have started to question recently – what do we revolve around? What is at the epicenter of our existence, which guides us, has a control over us? There has to be something after all, as the rule seems to be relevant from the gargantuan solar system to the micro atoms.
Is it God? Is it time? Or something else?  An atheist would pick time, others probably God.
  If it is time, how can that be described? Time always ticks away, never stopping to catch its breath. With everything we do, even think time seems to have an influence. We decide everything based on time, then is that what we all revolve around. Time?
What about God? Our ancestors have always had a significant reason for whatever they believed in. Be it to applying cow dung in front of the house gates or drawing the traditional rangollis with rice floor. God has and is one factor that has never faded away with time. The trust humankind puts in the Almighty remains strong to this day though we tend to name Him/Her many things. Our ancestors created God, followed God, and prayed to God. Then God has to be real, isn’t he? Considering the faith that has been bestowed upon him or why else would people believe in it.
   Going on that, is god our epicenter?
I do not have an answer for I too ponder on the same thought, but I do deem that our lives gyrate around something. The something could be magical, mystical, beyond our perception or just something mundane, everyday. However, it cannot be disregard that this thing, at the centre of the circle of life, is of great importance. It is like the sun, the nucleus, or the planets for the moon.
Mysteries of the world never stop to exist and I am on a quest to find the answer to one of them. It could be paranormal, philosophical, or scientific but the answer waits to be discovered.

If you have any take on this, I would love to know.


  1. What you've just posted is a very intriguing question..The question of the epicentre of cirle of life has been in the back of my mind constantly trying to make some finds...Sadly,I too am not sure as to what it might be...I agree with you on the note that it has to be something which is yet to be discovered..

  2. ...truly an ageless discussion that will no doubt linger on until Father Time calls it a career.

    Cute post ;)


  3. true! thanks for your take on it...


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