Friday, 23 December 2011

Lovers' Evidence of Love

here goes my first blog!

After having “scaled” the hill, we sat down on the smooth rocks to enjoy the calmness that spread around us. The breeze in our ears, the view the held our eyes, it was almost perfect. My eyes wandered, fleetingly catching the glass bottles which littered the place.
‘Rajesh loves Seema’ my friend announced. Curious we turned around to the place she was pointing at. Scribbled crudely in white paint were the words Rajesh loves Seema.
  The day got interesting as we set out to hunt for more of the many lovers’ evidence of love. It seemed like every blank space on the hill was cramped with graffiti.
Soon the fun turned into irritation.
The engravings and words were practically murdering moral sense. What happened to keep your city clean?  Do people think that by engraving their names and their love on rocks they are immortalizing their love? Is this love? Leaving behind etchings on trees and rocks as an evidence for the extent of your love? This is plain insanity. Hills, trees, monuments, buses, public walls, water pipes(no kidding!) aren’t one’s place to record one’s love.
  Love is a feeling above all, one of the greatest emotions which is capable of crossing inevitable distances.
         Love is much more worthy than carving it on places not belonging to us. If it’s called true love then it is sure to be engraved on your heart.
                                  Make love known through your heart.
                                  Immortalize your feelings through emotions.
                                  Not mindless actions.

A thought to ponder on-
Next time you find a good strong tree and something sharp in your hand and you feel forced to engrave your loved one’s name on it think if that tree is more worthy than your heart.   


  1. now that is an amazing way to spread awareness!!

  2. thank you Arpitha, Yogeendra :)

  3. this is what i always wanted to tell!!!!! ALWAYS!!!!
    is there a place better than your heart for your loves name??????

  4. Interesting way of raising awareness about "littering" in a sense there. I liked it a lot ^^


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