Thursday, 17 April 2014

#17NaPoWriMo: Cotard delusion of words

Fake expressions painted
veil over eyes
mouth bound
hands tied
words waft uselessly in the wind.

Meaning forgone
truth compromised
reality stomped on
words waft uselessly in the wind.

release imprisoned
love acted
life modified
words waft uselessly in the wind.

Careful, the current might
carry them away.

#16NaPoWriMo:Mère Nature

Image by Manisha Mahalingam

Day wakes me up
the breeze nudging me
whispering promises for the day.
I stretch, yawn and
look around.

Today my mother is calm,
the sky is not broken
the leaves are peaceful
and the birds sing.
I whip my brushy tail around
and scramble to the top of my tree.
There, my food grows.

My mother always looks after me.

#15NaPoWriMo: Story

The fire in the hearth crackled
casting a circle of light
within which he sat
surrounded by parts of his toy truck.
She picked up a toy wheel
putting it in her mouth.
He wondered if she was going to swallow.
She took it out and
tossed it into the fire.
He cried for it was his wheel.
She cried for he cried.
Together they wailed, sobbed and sniffed.
He got bored then and put
a toy wheel in his mouth.
She wondered if he was going to swallow.
He chewed on it before tossing
it into the fire.
Together they laughed.

First vote!

On April 11, 2013, I made a list of all the things a girl could do after having turned 18. Top of the list was having the liberty to vote.  Today I got to exercise that right!