Sunday, 31 January 2016

Photo a Day Month logo!

Guyssss. Look at this Photo a Day Month Logo. What do you think? It's courtesy of my super talented cousin.

Photo a Day Month

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Photo a Day Month 2016

It's a 2016 and time for Photo a Day Month 2016! I'm really excited for this time. I gave the site a makeover, my cousin promised to design me a logo and I hopefully bag some interviews with some established photographers.

I would be ecstatic if you guys signed up too! You just have to submit your website and name here -

I'm really hoping for more participation this time because I believe this is a great idea. A month long adventure of seeing the world through your lens. And I would also appreciate some help with spreading the word. Or if you guys have ideas of how I can spread the word, please let me know!

Photo a Day Month

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

5th Blog Anniversary!

Ahh, blog anniversaries. Time for looking back and reliving the memories of blog posts and comments that made your day. Blogging is like a road trip I feel, you meet new people each day, you see new destinations in new corners, and it's a trip you want to keep on  forever. 6 years back I never would have thought myself capable of having a blog, more importantly, an audience. But I'm glad I made that decision - to log onto Google's Blogger and sign up. Through this small personal niche on the internet I've discovered a whole other world a part of me feels at home.

You've probably heard this before (I think), my story of how I started blogging.

lol, no, that's not me.

 One fine day....somewhere in 2011...a girl wondered, "If only I had a place to share my crazy thoughts."

 And then the light bulb moment, enlightenment that Google provided. "Start a blog, silly," it said.
"Of course!" the girl thought. "But that is so intimidating and scary."

 And nourishing the fear was a friend who said, "hehe, whoever will read your blog!? Your not famous, only celebrities' blogs become hits." And this kind person went on to list out India's top bloggers and their fan following (very helpful, thank you very much).

The girl could have be put off but instead she raged. "I 'll start a blog and if I have to I'll force people to read it!"

 And hence blogger provided the platform. Initially she christened it "Speaking Tree" and it stuck for sometime. The blog celebrated thoughts, those thoughts that demanded to be heard and recorded. And these thoughts she honored, her blog it's witness.

And then the makeover happened and it was renamed Escaping Through Ink. The name made sense. For what better therapy than rambling and ranting through writings? 

In spite of the many hiatus, this is one place she always returns to. There is no going back now, no stop to this road trip. 

But it wouldn't be half the fun if not for all her readers, the ones who stick with her, who cheer her on. To them, she gives thanks and a virtual hug.


Thank you,
Manisha Mahalingam.

PS: Please do excuse the horrible art.

Friday, 4 December 2015

Randevous with Watercolors

I've been playing around with watercolors lately and I've discovered they are "my" sort of paints. There is such color, beauty, simplicity in them. So very very different a experience from poster or oil. I'm not going to assume I'm a great painter or anything. I've amateur at the least, so please ignore the glaring mistakes. Or better, point them out so I know what I'm doing wrong. 
I should also mention, the paintings are recreations so all credits to the original. Thank you for the inspiration :)
The very first. Also discovering the kind of paper to use.

Still learning

Kinda getting there I think
Latest one.

 I've given most of these to friends as they are recreations. I'm going to put my effort into the creation process and work on some originals this December holidays. Watercolors have become an addiction of sorts.

 Oh, this one is poster paints. Toothless for a friend on her birthday!

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