Thursday, 20 November 2014

Plant/animal life = significance humans give human life.

I've been wanting to publish a new post but I scrapped every attempt that I wrote in the last few days. I finally landed on this today morning!

Few days back...

my college put us to “community service” asking us to de-weed this small area behind the college building which is always over-grown with grass and weeds, except for a single foot trodden path. After the initial complaints and grumbling, we set to work, our hands reaching out to the plants and yanking them mercilessly out of the damp mud.
There was confusion in insect world as the tiny beings woke up to the unpleasant late morning. What was happening to their home? What monster was making the green cover disappear?  Even though it was just weeds, we felt guilty de-rooting the plants. Some of us were careful to completely pull the root out and not leave a painful snapped steam.
And the insects! Insects of all kinds were fluttering around; crickets and grasshoppers jumped about and some even launched themselves at us. When we found a fascinating looking creature, we gathered around, observed, and finally let them go off into the “wild”. (No, we did not feed them)
At the end of this sweaty, slightly unlikable yet not one to forget session many of us were in consensus about
Plant/insect life = the significance humans give human life
We didn’t see big animals, no exotic birds or creatures, just the normal yet variety of bugs and butterflies living in the backyard. We were all fascinated nonetheless. We saw colors in the tiny hidden weed flowers, nature’s delicate work in the stance of a slender grasshopper, family in a group of caterpillars, the amazing co-habitation of plant/insect life.
We, human beings, put ourselves on top of the food chain and treat ourselves with some special reverence. Looking at those insects, which really weren’t doing anything much like building the Taj Mahal or landing on moon, I realized that reverence is undeserving. We wouldn’t be on top of the food chain if these insects hadn’t made way for us. In a weird twisted way (even when I will continue killing mosquitoes or spiders and run away from big lizards) I’m grateful to them for existing. They are ugly but very beautiful.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Pencil sketches!

I thought I'll share someone of my drawings on here seeing as I haven't done it before. Also, I'm out of blog post ideas. XD

It started with this kid! I never knew I had it in me for pencil sketching until I sat down to draw this baby.
I did this pup for my Cousin for her birthday!
I kinda got obsessed with animals! Xd

Probably my favorite! I named him Ellie! Because once upon a time I had this dream where I had a horse and I had named him Ellie.

This is baby me.

Again, for a friend's birthday! I think my friends have more of my drawings than I do!

I really love close ups! I love working on a drawing that brings out the expressions!
So, yes. :D
What do you guys think?

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Blog Button!

New button. I've been meaning to get one for sometime now. I think this does justice to my blog. Whatcha think?

This website is super helpful in creating buttons!

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Flowers and Hearts aka Light and Hope

The past few days has involved me reading romance books. And this particular one I finished recently - Lovestruck in London - mentioned something about love stories being the fundamental essence in our emotions. All best stories have some love story in it. It had me thinking, is human kind really obsessed with love stories, even if we aren't prepared to admit it? And, (shockingly, for me) the recent novel I finished also has an underlying love story.
  The reason probably why love stories are so addicting is because it is filled with sunlight and hopes. When i sit down to read a dark love story I finish it feeling absolutely nothing for it. We need reminders of light and hope (flowers and hearts) so that we do not get sucked into the spiral of life. Love stories give us that. It hugs you and tells you anything is possible and life has an happy ending if we work towards that. All love stories are about standing up for it. It is about being brave and it has the same effect a book on a girl hero does.
I tell myself love stories are for dreams and not people with ambitions. Then why did I write a story with love? With a (almost) happy ending? Perhaps, subconsciously we know need it. We need that dream to make things brighter and colorful.
"Love stories are the common thread, the thing everyone wants in their life." -Lovestruck in London
 For many this is easy to accept, for people like me this isn't. (Which is probably why I'm writing this post) I have a strong aversion for the whole overdoing the love thing. I ask myself why songs/books/movies can't talk about something other that love. Reading Lovestruck in London opened up a new lesson. It is a concept overdone because that majority  of people are in search of it. Now, I'm okay in accepting love stories are alright if they can fill me with hope and more dreams. It might not be a book that changes the perspective on life, but it is a book that for some days (or more, depending) leaves you feeling the ugliness of the world is manageable.
What do you think about love stories?

If you are curious about this book I kept mentioning you can find a copy here-
Lovestruck in London by Rachel Schurig

Note: Images do not belong to me
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